About Karen, Diana and RMLP

Raging Magma Life:
The Perpetual Moment of Intentional Creation

Every moment is precious. Every experience we have, every choice we make, every attitude we adopt, every interaction we have – each is a moment of creation. What are we going to create? 

A Raging Magma Life is a life in which we – to the best of our ability – live in that fiery, often chaotic perpetual moment of intentional creation.

About This Partnership

Raging Magma Life Productions LLC is a creative partnership between Diana Kardia and Karen Williams.

Just as each individual has their own uniqueness, each partnership has its own signature. We first glimpsed ours as we worked together on a volunteer project – we had a similar way of balancing the details and the big picture. As we explored creating a business together, the sense of synergy and complementarity grew, as did the sense of excitement. We quickly realized that what we created together expressed the best of each of us while also producing something more, bigger, beyond our individual imaginations.

Now, if you’ve ever been in this kind of interaction with another human (we sincerely hope you have!), you know that all this wondrous potential is exactly where things start getting interesting. Being two pretty strong willed individuals (read: opinionated and stubborn as all get out), we quickly discovered our capacity for disagreement. And choosing a route that required us each to actually live up to our potential also brought with it all the doubts, resistance, and sabotage tactics that such a journey entails. Phew!

But this is exactly where we learned (or rather, are learning) to understand what makes us a partnership. Remember that initial glimpse? We have a similar way of balancing the details and the big picture. On the surface that means we work well together cleaning up the typos while making sure the overall message is as clear as it can be. What that really turns out to mean is this: we are both excellent mapmakers. We willingly immerse ourselves in the details, even as they take us into unknown territory, and then we use the specificity of that experience both to understand the larger terrain and to chart a course through it. Equally important, we are not just technicians (although we do love the technical…). Each of us brings a radical compassion and a ruthless curiosity that helps us turn any experience into something to be learned, gained, turned toward the light. And with that we remember, and remind each other, just what all the fuss is really about. Together, we turn the Board of Mis-Directors into a parody.


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